Orphan Train
Charlene Oliver

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This is the world of Christina Nava. She is fifteen years old in a small village in Poland. Follow her as the Nazi's invade her country and banish her and her family to the Jewish Ghettos. Next stop will be Ravensbruck Concentration Camp.  Her epic journey through the Holocaust will be a tale of horror, death and anguish as she searches for love, hope....and Freedom. 

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Excerpts from Orphan Train

~In larger Jewish populated areas they were told to stay and all non-Jews were forced to move. Soon after, these ghettos were filled beyond their capacity to function. All ghettos were isolated from the world by walls or chain link fences topped with barbed wire. All the gates had armed guards. The gates of tears were the only ones unlocked.~

~The slap on her hand brought her out of that horrible place into another. She opened her eyes to find she’d been holding the woman who had been sitting next to her. The woman above her said, “Come child, give her to me.”

She had died in her lap, but her eyes were still open…staring at Christina~

~ Some may think it is too disturbing, and it is. But it is history, our history, we created it and unless handled properly, will only repeat itself, and we, as a nation must be sure that this history is never repeated. ~

Available June , 2016 on Amazon.com